Issei is a minor character in the anime Okami Kakushi. He is the older brother of Isuzu Tsumuhana. He is a very tall, slim, young man, about age 24, and known to be rather clumsy.

Plot Edit

Hiroshi becomes afraid of Issei when he succumbs to his predatory instincts and attempts to molest him.  

History Edit

He grew up with 1 brother and a little sister. His older brother is some how disappeared in the anime 'story' so no one knows what happened,if his brother is deceased or not. His little sister was shot by a terrorist in 2004. His brothers name was Ruko Tsumuhana and his little sisters was Shizuka Miro (she was a half-sister yet somehow she got most of her looks from Issei),His sister in the aired version of Okami Kakushi in Japan, his little sister had long brown hair,hip length,wore a pink skirt with a white shirt,she had big blue eyes and a mischievous personality. His older brother had short brown hair (Just like Issei), with big brown eyes and a secretive personality,other than his little sister,she never shuts her mouth. It's proven that Shizuka was 16 and Ruko was 20. .