Christina had long black hair,hip length, and in th eleft corner there was a red flower. She wore a black skirt with a black top. She also wore a cross necklace and wore grey eye shadow. Christina had the personality of a very trustworthing person. She was very rebellious towards unfair laws. .


She was unemployed. She had a boyfriend named Ruko Tsumuhana. Christina is 17 years old. She disappears with Ruko after Shizuka's death. Christina vowed revenge on the murderer of her best friend. She appears only twice in the deleted scenes on Okami Kakushi. 


Christina Myhanu was adopted from a weathly family. She grew up with 2 sisters Mika & Sira,they both were older than her (16 years at the time,Christina was only 14),she grew tired over them,Mika pulling Christina's hair and Sira stealing Christina's stuff. However Chris grew tired of this 'abuse' and ran away. She wondered why she never told her parents about what was going on,but she still knew it would happen...secretly... Christina goes to Ruko's apartment and finds out he's gone. She finds him at a funeral,Shizuka's funeral... After the funeral,it was dawn she decided to leave with Ruko and so on July 5th they both went...missing...